About us

Vision of PKUK :
The ethnicity of Indian women is synonymous with the “Sarees” they swathe and the art of weaving still centers around this ‘Saree’. Silk is something that can add that extra bit of elegance and spark to any attire specially in Sarees. Silks have been made in India for centuries and their weaving varies from state to state, thus adding a new element to the texture, patterns and style. Murshidabad has had a long association with the silk industry particularly during the times of the English East India company. At present Murshidabad is a hub for sericulture and handicrafts. But unfortunately since long the expert craftsmen and weavers engaged in the production of Murshidabad silk is dwindling due to low profitability. This raised the concern of the Government – both the center and the state. The Government along with the NGOs are working together to revive the silk industry and improvise on new and efficient silk production methods. In this context Mr. Khagendra Kr Simlandy, Founder Secretary of PKUK from a village between the border of Birbhum and Murshidabad initiated the move to uplift this traditional silk production, silk yarn spinning and silk weaving and bring this golden silk fabrics to its original pride and reputation . His passion for this silk yarn led him even to leave his teaching like noble and safe profession. His passion is also entrusted to uplift the people and their development around Murshidabad silk. With this mission PKUK started its journey since 1975 under the able supervision of Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Govt of India. In fact, in PKUK you will find silk yarn spinning and silk fabric weaving under the same roof and all the silk and garad silk fabrics are our own production. During its course of journey it suffers a lot of humps and bumps but slowly and steadily it has not only become one of the most prestigious and popular Khadi Bhandar in West Bengal but also has become the brand name for quality silk sarees in wholesale market throughout India.

Mission of PKUK : Presently PKUK is instrumental in manufacturing, wholesale and retailing an optimum quality range of exclusive silk saree, silk matka saree , garad sarees and etc. With over wide variety of products, our mission is to bring the India’s best quality silk sarees with variety of ethnic designs to your doorstep.
We at Pallykhadi Unnayan Kendra believe that the Indian saree is the most elegant and beautiful attire in the world. More of the world deserves to know about the wonderful stories behind a myriad sari fabrics, colors and patterns. More of the world deserves to experience the beauty of saris of PKUK. To fulfill this mission we use to maintain 4F factors – Fabric authenticity, Fine workmanship, Fashion quotient and Fitness for occasions. Each premium silk sari we produce comes after 4F verification. This is why the silk fabrics produced at PKUK has become famous for its originality, authenticity and limpidness.

Specialty of PKUK:

  • Storehouse of vast range of exclusive Silk saree, Silk matka saree , Garad sarees, Baluchari sarees, Swarnachari sarees , Katha stich sarees and many more.
  • Best known for genuine and authentic silk fabrics where quality matters most.
  • Provider of wide variety of Bengal printed, Benaras printed and Bangalore printed Murshidabad silk sarees.
  • Specialist in printed coloured Garad sarees.
  • Only provider of best quality of silk sarees with reasonable price
  • House of own production of genuine silk fabrics.

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