Garad Silk Saree: Epitomising the Tradition of Bengal


An epitome of true Bengali culture and tradition,Garad Silk sarees represent purity and serenity in its simple red and white. Garad silk is more often used during festivals and other auspicious ceremonies and the reason is simple: the word ‘Garad’ means ‘white’; Garad Silk gets its name from the pure white or slightly off-whitecolour of the body of the cloth which is because the mulberry silk threads, from which the cloth is woven, isnot dyed and therefore, retains its authentic purity. This purity of the cloth has made it the best choice for religious and other kinds of auspicious ceremonies like weddings. A Bengali woman, even the most modern one, often loves to drape a Garad silk saree during the festivities of Durga Puja.

Highly popular in the world as a speciality of West Bengal, Garad sarees are manufactured primarily in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. These lightweight, paper textured, pure silk sarees have very little ornamentation in the body. The pristine white and red being the major features of Garad sarees, they are sometimes decorated with threaded designs of paisley and floral motifs.

Garad sarees mostly come with contrast borders in bright red or maroon. However, with time and demand, few more colours like blue, green, and orange, brown, gold have been added to the list to make these sarees available to everyone.

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